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Madonna's 13 Studio Albums Ranked

Madonna's 13 Studio Albums Ranked

1: Music
This is the collection that perfectly captured all the different sides of a complicated, intriguing, intelligent woman. Starting with an infectious, funky kick that was the title track and followed by the wacky and wild "Impressive Instant," Music doesn't flag, even when it gets to the slower, deeper moments. Even though the Madonna of late is enamored with writing songs about being super-famous and horny, the Madonna of 2000 sang about convincing herself she's worthy of love ("I Deserve It"), forgiving herself ("Nobody's Perfect"), and being a woman in a man's world ("What It Feels Like For a Girl"). She even displayed a profound vulnerability on "Don't Tell Me," her most gorgeous single to date (lyrics: "Tell me everything I'm not, but please don't tell me to stop.") The album ends with spooky, thoughtful, defiant whispers ("Paradise — Not For Me" and "Gone"). On "Gone," Madonna pledges that fame won't break her — and unlike most of her contemporaries, she's kept that promise. *Don't forget to vote below!


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