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Photos: Cuba Libre

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What are your impressions about Cuban men?
For me there is something so startlingly unique and strong about Cuban men. Hewn from a wholly different and unspoiled material, Cubanos, Cuban men, are a remarkable collision of self-possessed without being self-aware. They are confident and proud too, without being particularly entitled. Their vibrant and their unapologetic sexuality, yes, their tranquil immodesty, seduces me, incites me completely, and it’s this seduction, this wonderful anxiety, this brilliant mystery that puts me, when I’m in their company, almost in a religious state of frenzy and worship. It’s not just their confidence which blazes, it’s also their trust and their vulnerability too, which combine to enthrall. How do I not sound like a lover? How do I not sound like I am seduced? Sex and sexuality in Cuba in particular is a natural force, divinely fluid and almost incidental too, that bears no apology. It’s my experience that my Cuban friends don’t want or need the labels or the categories. And I find that fascinating and enviable even. We are too quick, I think, to want to name our desires. How liberating it must be to be free of the labels. And just to live and just to love and just to be. Without the labels, without the names, nothing in particular is perverse.


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