PHOTOS: Montenegro's First Gay Pride Brings Death Threats

Approximately 200 antigay protestors attempted to disrupt the first LGBT Pride Parade in the Balkan nation of Montenegro on Wednesday, reports NBC.

The protestors chanted “Kill the gays” as they threw stones, flares, bottles, and other objects at police officers who were onsite to safeguard the rainbow-clad group of roughly 40 marchers.

Montenegro is currently in talks to join the European Union. However, the county of nearly 700,000 people has been told it must demonstrate it is willing to protect human rights before it will be allowed to join.

With the violent reaction seen at the country’s first LGBT Pride Parade this week, it appears Montenegro's evolution on human rights has a long way to go.

Take a look at the collection of photos from the event on the following pages.

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Participants take part in first Montenegro Gay Pride parade on July 24 in Budva.


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