Police, Extremists Clash at Montenegro Pride March

Antigay extremists were met with tear gas after disrupting an LGBT peace march in Podgorica, Montenegro, by pelting attendees with rocks and firebombs.

Sunday's government-sanctioned event was heavily guarded by police, but the 1,500 extremists attempted to break through the barrier of police officers. According to the Associated Press, 20 officers out of the 2,000 on duty were hurt in the altercation, and 40 of the extremists were injured. Meanwhile, about 60 of the antigay extremists were arrested.

The march was the second attempt to hold a peaceful LGBT pride march in Montenegro, according to Al Jazeera. The first attempt in July was met with death threats by 200 protesters.

Montenegro is working to join the European Union, but the small, mountainous country must prove that it has a good record on human rights. A survey from last year showed, however, that 71% of Montenegrins thought homosexuality was an illness, and 80% said they thought sexual orientation should be kept private, according to Al Jazeera.

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Participants take part in Montenegro gay pride parade in Podgorica Sunday. The capital of staunchly conservative Montenegro was hosting its parade, during which police clashed with hundreds of protesters hurling stones and firecrackers at participants.

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