Wendy Williams: The Queen's New Court


A best-selling author and a top-rated radio personality for 20 years, Wendy Williams welcomes a whole new experience as host of her own daytime TV talk show. Following last summer's successful six-week trial run, The Wendy Williams Show returns July 13 in national syndication with the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media" promising the same no-holds-barred style that got her name dropped in the Mariah Carey hit "Touch My Body" ("'cause they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview"). Revealing the woman beneath the wigs, Williams lets us get all up in her infamous feuds and controversial reputation for outing celebrities.

Advocate.com: A-list celebrities and their publicists can sometimes be intimidating. Can you share some tips on how to be a fearless interviewer like you?
Wendy Williams: Just ask your questions in a way that's not mean-spirited, but always be prepared to accept the answer "No comment." But you're a journalist, so you must be a little relentless and give it one more try but position the question in a different way. If it's still "no comment," take that for what it is and keep walking. Because if you push, your subject is going to become upset and recoil.

Should celebrities be nervous when they come on your show?
No. Whenever I hear that people are scared or intimidated by me, I just find that so funny. I'm actually very nice and quite a lovely woman. I'm very pink, if I can describe myself as a color. I just happen to be a very curious woman. I was a very curious child, and sometimes I was inappropriate with my questions and comments. Turns out that I'm the same as an adult, except now I know how to be a bit more appropriate. I've also learned how to take no for an answer. Celebrities should be excited to come on and promote their projects because I have one of the most relevant, vibrant, consumer-conscious, hip, and alive audiences on the face of the planet. My following is amazing. You show me a 75-year-old woman who watches The Wendy Williams Show and I'll show you the liveliest one in her group.

Does anyone intimidate you?
No. Not now that I have my own court.

You've described your show as "messy." For those who don't speak Wendy, what does that mean?
"Messy" is actually a wonderful compliment if you're not an anal-retentive personality. It means there's always something askew or there's always a hair or 10 out of place. It's fabulous, but there's always that one thing that makes you say, "What the f?" Like a beautiful outfit with a visible panty line. That makes us human. We're all messy in our own way.


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