Hogan’s ‘Little Gay Sidekick’ Hits

Whether garnering
an Emmy nod for work with beleaguered pop icon Michael
to introducing Liza Minelli to David Guest, Glenn Douglas
Packard consistently finds himself connected to
Hollywood’s tabloid favorites. As Brooke
Hogan’s best friend and costar on the Vh1 series
Brooke Knows Best, which debuted Sunday,
July 13, he’s done it again.

With cameras
rolling, Packard, Hogan and her childhood friend Ashley
enjoy life in a fabulous Miami penthouse. On the
fringe’s, the 20-year-old aspiring pop
princess’ pro wrestler dad Hulk and mom Linda,
stars of the “celebreality” show’s
predecessor Hogan Knows Best, are in a grudge
match divorce and her brother is jailed for nearly
killing his passenger in an auto accident. Here the
entrepreneur behind video production company Tattooed
Angels, who met his famous roommate seven years ago
through deposed boy band magnate Lou Pearlman, discusses
coming out, surviving scandal and why he’d never
sleep with Brooke’s legendary father.

You’re in Michigan, coming out to your family days
before your new reality show starts?

(Laughing.) My
immediate family – my mom, dad, brother and sister
– knew. They’ve always known. One aunt
also knew. Everyone else, I needed to come out to. I
have nephews and nieces that are really close to me who I
was most concerned about. My oldest nephew, who is 14,
wrote a paper calling me his “hero.” I
just wanted to make sure he has no problems with it and
things will be OK at school. To tell the truth,
everyone’s been amazing. They’ve all
been really accepting. They love me for who I am. I’m
still “Uncle Glenn.” It’s been

The confusion is understandable. So many of Liza’s
choreographers are straight.

(Laughing.) Funny thing is, there was a time in my life when
I was seeing girls and was engaged to be married.
That’s throwing people off. There was a time
when that was going on in my life. Then I moved away.
That side of myself stayed here. They never saw the other
side of Glenn Douglas Packard. I’m just
bringing those two worlds together.

You always work with huge stars who seem to implode. Just
add Britney...

I’ve worked with her -- but not during her scandals.
All the rest… I’m the one who introduced
David Guest to Liza Minelli. That was my doing. Oops!
Everything that was going on with Michael Jackson was during
the 30th-Anniversary Special. Now the Hogans. Lou Perlman; I
was part of that whole thing. It’s just one
thing after another. I’m like, “Can’t I
get a gig where it’s not surrounded by all
that?” I’m hoping maybe I’m that

What’s it like being around the Hogan’s
nasty divorce?

There were some
really hard times, but they always turned around and
turned out good. Brooke’s parents have been having
problems for a little while, and it’s on
national television. All these other artists and
20-somethings turn to other things, but Brooke isn’t
one of those girls. She really is a strong girl.
She’s there three-times-a-week for her brother.
She’s on the phone with her mom. She's on the phone
with her dad. She’s trying to be with her
family, be the daughter and sister she is. At the same
time, she has a life too. She’s a 20-year-old girl
who just wants to live her own life, build a career,
be around friends.

In the first episode, Hulk Hogan -- who I’d never
imagine accepting gays – seemed to embrace you.

I’ve always been like his little gay sidekick.
He’s always been very accepting and a great
man. Like he said, he’s got a lot of gay
wrestler friends in the industry. You know he’s been
in the industry a long time, so you’d be
surprised someone like has been around it.

I wanted to know the gay wrestlers’ names.

surprised people aren’t making a bigger deal out of
that. When he plants that kiss on my cheek, and says
he has gay wrestler friends, I thought people would be
like, “Hmm, who are those people?” (Laughing.)

As I was coming of age sexually, many guys he wrestled
were my sexual fantasies.

(Laughing.) Oh,
my God! I hope Hulk wasn’t a sexual fantasy of

Well… So what was it like introducing Liza Minelli
to David Guest?

Well, I
didn’t know it was going to turn into that for sure.
David Guest is one of my least favorite people. Liza
is one of my favorite people. So I didn’t think
they’d hit it off, but they did for a little while. I
guess that’s all I’m going to say about that.

The tabloids say one of Brooke’s female friends
slept with her dad. At least you won’t
sleep with Hulk and ruin her parents’ marriage!

(Laughing.) True
that! You’re not going to see that happening.
I’m not into bears.

Bears?! Hulk doesn’t really have any hair at all!

I know, but
he’s shaving it all the time. He’s definitely

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