Top 11 LGBT Friendly Reality Shows You Should Watch This Month

Top 11 LGBT Friendly Reality Shows You Should Watch This Month

This week Lifetime’s Project Runway will return to the little screen, and if the previous nine seasons are any indication, it will be choc-a-block with queer contestants, including Gunnar Deatherage, who was eliminated in the first episode last season and is (surprise!) back again. In fact, more and more reality shows are featuring LGBT contestants or cast mates including Jake Nodar, the gay horse trainer on Full Metal Jousting; Robear Chinosi the gay tattoo artist on NY Ink; and Dani Shay and Tyler Ford, the lesbian and transgender (respectively) musicians on The Glee Project. Here are a few reality shows with LGBT characters you won’t want to miss.


Show: I’m Having Their Baby

Network: Oxygen

Premier date: Monday, July 23 at 11 p.m.

Why You Should Watch: You wouldn’t think a show that follows would-be moms as they struggle with whether to place their babies for adoption would hold much for LGBT viewers but you’re wrong. While we don’t know yet if any of these women are bisexual or lesbian, we do know that in at least one of the episodes a same-sex couple are the adoptive parents. In episode 102 (which airs on July 30), we meet Amanda, a 28-year-old mother raising two boys, as well as her boyfriend’s son from a previous relationship, in Chehalis, Wash. Amanda is already swamped with parenting duties and a tough economy, so she goes in search of adoptive parents and finds gay couple John and Doug. The cameras follow Amanda through the decision, pregnancy, birth, and eventual transfer of the baby, and we get to know the heartbreak Doug and John have already gone through in their quest for adoption. It’s a heartbreaking but eventually uplifting story that many wannabe same-sex parents will identify with.


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