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Our Favorite Same-Sex Weddings on TV

The moment Modern Family first graced our TV screens in 2009, it was clear that Mitch and Cam would become two LGBT TV MVPs. Sure enough, five years later, their much-anticipated wedding was one of the biggest (and to many, long overdue) events on television.

The cast themselves even threw a real-life reception, featuring the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. And with marriage equality wins in both Oregon and Pennsylvania this week, this wedding couldn't come at a better time. To celebrate, we've put together some of our favorite same-sex TV weddings, and we're so excited to be able to add Cam and Mitch to the list as well.

Mitchell & Cameron, Modern Family


Leon & Scott, Roseanne
In 1995 we had not seen a gay wedding of a recurring character until Roseanne braved this frontier. She planned the wedding for her friend Leon to his fiancé Scott herself, doing so as only Roseanne can — with male strippers and loads of drag queens. She even went as far as creating a groom-and-groom cake topper, using part of a classic wedding figure and a Pocahontas action figure. It was, if anything, too gay, and offended Leon’s conservative nature. Stereotypes aside, if it wasn’t for this wedding, the rest of this list just might not have happened.


Callie & Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
Sure, Calzona have had their fair share of struggles in the past, present, and most likely future, but their wedding ceremony may have been Grey’s Anatomy’s finest. No matter what further seasons may hold for these ladies, at least we have these fond memories forever with us. Greys has never failed to prove its ability to crush our soul at times, so we can definitely use all the happiness we can get!


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