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How Empire’s Cookie Would Fire Back at Homophobes

The season finale of Empire airs tonight, and many of us are already dealing with Cookie withdrawal.

To help ease our collective pain, we’ve imagined how the enigmatic Empire mama would respond to some of today’s biggest antigay bigots — by pairing their homophobic slurs with some of our favorite quotes from sexy-sassy ex-con matriarch of the music-making Lyon family. Essentially, we're imagining WWCS — What Would Cookie Say?

Mel Gibson:

Cookie Empire 01 0 0
Michele Bachmann:
Cookie Empire 02 0 0
Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card:
Cookie Empire 03 3 0
Victoria Jackson (former SNL cast member):
Cookie Empire 04 2 0
50 Cent [sic]:
Cookie Empire 05 0 0
Kirk Cameron (on homosexuality):
Cookie Empire 06 0 0
Ann Coulter:
Cookie Empire 07 0 0
Chris Brown:
Cookie Empire 08 0 0
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson:
Cookie Empire 09 2 0
Which Cookie quotes are your favorites? Share them in the comments section below. They just might tide us over until Empire’s season 2.

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