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The Divine Miss M.

The Divine Miss M.

In keeping with the new, young generation of LGBTQ people, do you see Madame being more outrageously gay or political in her shtick?MS: Wayland was openly gay, and I think the reason the gay audience was always our base is that gays always understood camp. Madame has the same audience as Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler, or any of the other women [who understand that sensibility].

Madame: Wayland was way ahead of his time. I think he deserves an award, a medal. I think all those people who open the doors do. He was a wonderful person. I was his mouthpiece a lot of the time, but he really broke down a lot of walls.

Did Wayland ever meet Liberace?MS: Oh, of course we knew Lee.

Was that awkward?MS: No, Lee was kind of nice, a sweet guy and also very shy.

So I guess Madame didn’t bring up his affairs…MS: No, but believe me, Lawrence, I know more than I want to know about that.

Where will the tour take you over the next few months?Madame: We’re going to be doing lots of casinos but are heading towards TV. We want to go out to California and visit all my friends -- little Jimmy Kimmel and little Ellen. All those people.

MS: There are some good possibilities in regard to her going on TV shows. Of course, years ago she was on every popular talk show and variety show. Today it’s a little bit different, but we’re looking at a few things.

Madame: I would love to appear on that Project Runway and have one of them sew up something for me. They would make a gown, only tiny. They sew and they sew and sometimes the dress is just so-so. Have you seen that Christian Siriano? With that little bird on his head or whatever that is, like a little Tweety Bird sanctuary. I’d like him to make something for me and let Carson Kressley fix it. He wants to make me look good naked? Bring an iron and steam shovel.

Will Madame’s Place be released on DVD?MS: There’s been some talk about it. Wayland used to hum songs [on the show] a lot, so I think it would be a very expensive show to bring back today with the music rights. Possibly once we start making it very big and have our own TV show again, maybe that’s when they’ll think of releasing it.

Will there be cameos from Wayland’s other characters, like Crazy Mary or Jiffy, down the line?Madame: Yes, absolutely. We’re going to put Mary in the show very soon. As soon as we get her out of her suite at Bellevue.

Let’s end with a pressing, important question: Is there more plastic in Madame or Joan Rivers?Madame: We have the same doctor! She has aluminum siding, that’s what it is.

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