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Paul Oakley Stovall: From the White House to the Stage

Paul Oakley Stovall: From the White House to the Stage


Could he have done more to help prevent Question 1 from passing in Maine?
I swear to you I’m not being diplomatic, but I trust Barack Obama. He’s always a few steps ahead. When the gay community takes actions that show we can’t take it anymore, he’ll move right into action.

Obama recently announced 25 new appointees to the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities. Why weren’t you on that list?
I asked myself the same thing. [Laughs] No, I was very impressed with the names I recognized and the ones I needed to Google.

Any glaring omissions?
Whoopi Goldberg would’ve been great.

As part of the 247 Townhall “If I Were President” video series that preceded Obama’s victory, you stated that if you were president, you’d “bring arts back to all schools.” How’s Obama doing on that front?
I’ll say this: When the president of the United States takes his wife on a date to see theater in New York City — and not Mamma Mia! but Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, a three-hour drama by an American playwright — that sends a message to the world that theater is cool.

What are the chances they’ll come see your show at Joe’s Pub?
[Laughs] Less than zero.

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