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A Lesbian Journalist on Dire Dating Conditions of Pakistan

A Lesbian Journalist on Dire Dating Conditions of Pakistan

Journalist Natasha Noman has taken her lonely existence working in Pakistan and turned it into entertainment. The out 29-year-old is premiering her one-woman show, Noman's Land, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, London's Independent reports. Noman's dark subjects — the danger of working in unstable Pakistan and being a lesbian in a country that outlaws same-sex relationships — were natural fodder for comedy.

The dating/hook-up app Tinder plays a big role in Noman's Land, as it was one of the few ways that LGB Pakistanis could find each other.

"In fact there was an ironic safety to Tinder," Noman told The Independent. "The authorities were monitoring all of us, reading our emails and texts, listening to our phone calls. But they did not know what Tinder was."

Noman is no longer living in Pakistan — she left after two of her journalist colleagues were shot — but now calls New York home.

She will perform her show at the festival beginning Tuesday and continuing through Saturday. The festival opened last week and runs through August 31. Find the schedule and ticket information here.

Noman's Land from Natasha Noman on Vimeo.

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