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On TV, shows are getting cautiously gayer, but Netflix's breakout drama waves its rainbow flag like it just don't care.

June 30 2014 6:30 AM

The Lambda Literary Foundation named Trish Salah's first book, Wanting in Arabic, the best work of transgender fiction produced this year. Read an exclusive excerpt from the book below.

June 30 2014 6:00 AM

At today’s LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook marched alongside the company’s LGBT employees.

June 29 2014 7:00 PM

The trailer for the vampiric action flick delves into the man behind the monster.

June 29 2014 4:15 PM

In this Sunday match of our qualifying round in our Clash of the Classics tournament, it's Beautiful Thing vs. Longtime Companion.

June 29 2014 3:49 PM

'If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying [same-sex marriage] could not happen,' Elton John said in a recent interview.

June 29 2014 3:04 PM

Meshach Taylor, the actor best known for his role as Anthony Bouvier in Designing Women, passed away in his Los Angeles home late Saturday.

June 29 2014 1:17 PM