Measuring Up at HRC: Which Companies Got a Perfect Score?

Measuring Up at HRC: Which Companies Got a Perfect Score?

A record number of businesses earned the top score in the 2013 Corporate Equality Index released Wednesday by the Human Rights Campaign, demonstrating what the organization calls a “new normal” in terms of corporate America’s support for LGBT workers.

Some 252 businesses achieved a 100% rating this year, compared to only 13 businesses in the inaugural CEI 11 years ago. Growing corporate support has outpaced efforts in federal and many state governments to address discrimination against LGBT workers, according to HRC.

The annual rankings measure corporate commitment across more than 40 policies and practices such as nondiscrimination measures, partner benefits, employee resource groups, and public support for equality. A total of 889 businesses across industries were ranked in the latest index, including all Fortune 500 companies.

This year, according to HRC, a record 74 major businesses took public pro-equality stands, including support for the successful marriage-related campaigns in four states. Also this year, a majority of Fortune 500 companies have nondiscrimination policies that cover gender identity, while transgender-inclusive health care coverage continues to increase, now being offered by 42% of participating companies compared to 19% last year.

View the entire 2013 Corporate Equality Index here. Or click through the following pages for the 13 big names from Fortune's top 20 that received perfect scores.


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