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A lesbian filmed a cashier in New Orleans who denied her service because of her sexuality. Family Dollar is now investigating the incident. 

April 26 2016 9:26 AM

Businesses have helped lead the LGBT rights revolution over the past 20 years — and we need them to continue pushing our cause forward.

April 26 2016 5:32 AM

North Carolina's new anti-LGBT law leads the young stars to boycott the state.

April 25 2016 5:52 PM Updated

But they aren’t scared of “transgenders,” the conservative activists promise. They just want to protect themselves and others against “perverts.” 

April 25 2016 5:32 PM

The LGBT hate group American Family Association has surpassed the half-million mark in pledges to boycott the retailer over its support of transgender customers and employees.

April 25 2016 1:17 PM

After hearing a cashier allegedly demean gays at a New Orleans store, a customer came out and then was promptly refused service, she says.

April 24 2016 8:20 PM

Chad Dickerson joins two local LGBT organizations to raise money to fight the anti-LGBT law.

April 22 2016 4:52 PM