She's a Riot

She's a Riot

Westenhoefer can make 'em laugh with the best of them. The
veteran comedian has graced stages everywhere and has
appeared on countless TV shows that impress even the
biggest comedy nerds: Politically Incorrect
with Bill Maher, Arli$$, and Caroline's
Comedy Hour,
to name a few. Thursday night she plays
The Dinah -- an extended weekend of pro golf and good
times in Palm Springs, Calif., and the biggest lesbian
weekend this side of, well, anything -- for her
13th time.

What is performing at The Dinah like for you?

It's hard to
explain. It's completely worth doing. I've been performing
there every year since 1995, so this will be my 13th show.
This is one of the best things I get to do all year.
It is not a difficult crowd at all. It's basically a
vacation in Palm Springs where I happen to work.

Explain what The Dinah is like for you, for those
who won't be there this year.

Well, I can tell
you it's not like it's an ordinary Thursday night. There
are lesbians doing pyramids by the pool -- you don't see
that too often. The next morning, on Friday, there
will be lesbians all over Palm Springs, just
everywhere. But it's really exciting each year. I remember
seven or eight years ago, it rained, and it didn't change a
thing. It was just a bunch of women having a good time
in the rain -- you can imagine what kind of good time
that was.

What makes you laugh?

I don't really
like that silly, slapstick kind of stuff, like falling
down. I really enjoy comedy and comedians. But it is more
fun when I'm onstage making the comedy.

What are your predictions for this weekend?

I think someone
is going to hook up. I think of all of these women out
there in Palm Springs this weekend, at least one is bound to
hook up. And we'll enjoy ourselves. And if my
girlfriend goes with me, there will be dancing. I can
guarantee that.

Westenhoefer will take the stage tonight at 7 at
the Doral Resort.

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