No Sexy Santas, Ever!

It probably started with Tom of Finland. A roguish grin, giant hairy pecs and a Santa suit. It was down hill from there to the Boston Santa Speedo run — a charity run of more than 500 men and women in inappropriate running gear and Santa accessories trampling the innocence of Santa Claus for children everywhere.

Now there are sleazy half-naked Santa greeting cards, Santa-themed strippers, and even Hollywood got in on the sexualization of St. Nick.

Kids, it's just wrong. We should't be thinking about Santa's stuff down there. That's for Mrs. Claus only. Yes, he's a bear, but not that kind of bear.

Herewith, a guide in gallery form of the defilement of a treasured holiday icon.

Finland Santax633

The tipping point. Tom of Finland was a talented artist of course, but remember, he also thought Nazis were hot. For more of this kind of degradation, go to the Tom of Finland Foundation (but only view from the seclusion of your own home).


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