Infamous Feuds: The World's Greatest, Gayest Insults

Are the gays meaner than our straight friends? Bisexuals bitchier? Lash-tongued lesbians? There are the rainbows and unicorns gays and then there is Gore Vidal. Of course Vidal said he wasn't gay, he just did gay things. That may be, but he certainly was a gimlet-tongued, evil queen. And very entertaining. We present below some of the more deliciously crusty insults by and about our kind of people.

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Well, of course we included Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in a list of gay quotes. How could you possibly think we wouldn't?

"She has a cult, and what the hell is a cult except a gang of rebels without a cause. I have fans. There's a big difference."
— Joan Crawford on Bette Davis

"I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire."
— Bette Davis on Joan Crawford

"He needed willowy or boyish girls like Katharine Hepburn to make him look what they now call macho. If I'd co-starred with Grant or if Crawford had, we'd have eaten him for breakfast."
—Bette Davis on Cary Grant

"Mr. Dean appears to be wearing my last year's wardrobe and using my last year's talent."
— Marlon Brando on James Dean

"Ingrid Bergman speaks five languages and can't act in any of them."
— John Gielgud on Ingrid Bergman

"When I get hold of her, I'll tear out every hair of her mustache!"
— Talullah Bankhead about Bette Davis

"Darling, they've absolutlely ruined your perfectly dreadful play."
— Talullah Bankhead to Tennessee Williams after seeing the film version of one of his


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