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Randy Rainbow Gets Grammy Nom, Up Against Dave Chappelle & Louis CK

Rainbow hits it out of the park, along with other queer entertainers such as Brandi Carlile.

NBC's 'SNL' Slammed For Upcoming Dave Chappelle Hosting Gig

Why the show invited a documented transphobe to host a program that features gay and nonbinary actors is hard for critics to understand.


John Oliver Calls Out Republican Transphobia

The comedian highlighted the absurdity with which the GOP is attacking transgender rights this election cycle.

Breakfast Cereals Have Sexualities? This Viral TikTok Breaks It Down

A viral TikTok from teacher Jacob Ryan Carlew features a PowerPoint made by a student that delves into sexualities with the help of popular breakfast cereals.

10 Hilarious Randy Rainbow Songs That Keep Us Laughing

Even with a sane president in the White House, the political scene remains ripe for Randy Rainbow's parodies.

Watch Randy Rainbow on How Trump 'Screwed With Our Democracy'

"Does it really take the FBI to verify he tends to lie?" Rainbow asks in the video for his new song, set to the tune of the Beatles' "Yesterday."

Jay Leno Reveals Why He Stopped Making Transphobic 'Jokes'

"You're only as good as your last joke," Jay Leno said after telling the story. 

Ellen DeGeneres Says Gay in Emotional Farewell Monologue

Watch DeGeneres dance with her audience one last time.

13 Gayest Kate McKinnon Sketches on Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon exited SNL on Saturday after spending an iconic decade there. Here are our favorite queer sketches featuring the iconic lesbian comedian. 

Kate McKinnon Reprises Classic Alien Sketch in Emotional SNL Farewell

McKinnon, who effectively changed queer sketches on the long-running show, stepped into Colleen Rafferty's loose underwear one last time. 

Kate McKinnon Among Cast Members Reportedly Exiting 'SNL'

McKinnon has been on the show since 2012. 

Watch the NSFW Trailer for Billy Eichner’s Queer Rom-Com 'Bros' Here

The history-making film hits theaters on September 30.

Watch Randy Rainbow’s New ‘Gay!’ Tune Which Is Ron DeSantis’ Nightmare

In a song set to "Shy" by Mary Rodgers from "Once Upon a Mattress," Rainbow skewers the "don't say gay" law.

Sampson McCormick, Black Gay Comedian, Punched at Live Show

"Don't mistake my being gay as weak because I grew up in southeast D.C. and I will kick some ass," the comedian tells The Advocate of the attack.

Watch: Randy Rainbow Skewers Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert

This time around Rainbow parodies "Dentist!" from Little Shop of Horrors.


Watch: Trans Comedian Flame Monroe on Prime Video's 'Phat Tuesdays'

Monroe is only one of the comics featured in the three-part comedy series exploring the history of Phat Tuesdays at the Comedy Store.

Margaret Cho on How ‘Sex Appeal’ Revolutionizes the Teen Sex Comedy

The new queer-inclusive Hulu original flips the old formula on its head and centers female pleasure. 

Dave Chappelle Mocks Hannah Gadsby in Ongoing Netflix Debacle

"To the transgender community, I am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me," Chappelle said in a new video.

Netflix's Ted Sarandos: 'Screwed Up,' But Stands by Chappelle Special

"Under the definition of 'does it intend to cause physical harm?' I do not believe it falls into hate speech."