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These Couples Prove Love Is Love

We asked readers to send us photos all day long on on 11/11. And we got hundreds of photos via Twitter, Instagram and old-fashioned email. This week we share the best images in the hope of dispelling what the religious right tries to sell America about LGBT people. Plus, we hope you find it as inspiring as we do to see everyone living proud.

Cherryholmesx633 0 0

7:29 a.m. H.L. Cherryholmes: "My husband and me headed for the airport."

Glen RainesX633 0

7:52. a.m. "Kissing my husband on his first day of work after being laid off and unemployed for six months. It marks the end of one of the most difficult times in our 22 years together, with his unemployment, my short-term disability, and mother-in-law coming back home after being in the hospital for two months.  Today was also the day we had to put our dog, Misty, down after 14 wonderful years. Would I have changed events if I could? No. What came out of this is strength, deeper love, and a sense of what family truly is."

Ross Walker Smithx633 0

8 a.m. "The look I get when I try to make a stupid face." —Ross Walker Smith


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