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One Day in Big Gaylarious America

Bill Cruzx633 0

12 a.m. Chicago — “Celebrating the Denver Bronco win late into the night by singing Heart's "Crazy on You" karaoke style. (Yes, those are pom-poms.)” – Bill Cruz

Matthew Nourielx633 0

1:49 a.m. Los Angeles — “It’s Manscaping Monday! A Persian gay's work is never done.” — Matthew Nouriel

Teddy And Mikeyx633 0

2:20 a.m. Los Angeles — Comics Teddy Margas (left) and Mikey Scott working hard striking the stage after the Mikey & Teddy Comedy Hour.

Adam Snakx633 0

10:05 a.m. New York City — Adam Sank undergoes an EKG in preparation for his upcoming deviated septum surgery.

Mimi Gonzalezx633 0

10:35 a.m. “Lesbian checklist #2037: Waiting on an ex for coffee. About to transform another former date into a friendship.” — Mimi Gonzalez


10:37 a.m. Los Angeles — “Just for fun — 'cause you know I make so much money doing theater and comedy — I shoot castings for photo campaigns.  I've been in the biz for more years than I care to count and I've seen most of the models I photograph grow from childhood to sluthood.” — Diana Yanez

Maggie Farisx633 0

10:40 a.m. Minneapolis — Maggie Faris is either winning or losing a game at the dog park.

Zack Wintinx633 0

11 a.m. Dallas — Zack Wintin hasn’t quite mastered the art of shaving.

Scott Backmanx633 0

11:31 a.m. Los Angeles — “Eating my carb-filled lunch where no one can see me.” — Scott Backman

Jeffrey Jayx633 0

11:42 a.m. Newark, Del. — “I am traveling, but my next show isn't until tomorrow ... so I'm spending the day at the hotel in my Superman onesie.” — Jeffrey Jay

Chris Doucettex633 0

12:00 p.m. Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Chris Doucette tours the campus to prep for his show at Coe College.

Jamix633 0

12:30 p.m. Brooklyn, N.Y. – “Trying to figure out what to wear to the OUT100 party. Pants, I guess.” — Jami Smith

Robin Cloudx633 0

1 p.m. New York City — “Celebrating my mom's birthday at the Blue Note. She's so patient.” — Robin Cloud

Rjx633 0

1:35 p.m. Los Angeles — “Starbucks for lunch. Yes, it's stereotypical. Don't judge me.” — R.J. Aguiar

Adam Guerinox633 0

2 p.m. Chicago — “Dreaming of ponies and Tom Hiddleston for my afternoon nap.” — Adam Guerino

Mike Gillermanx633 0

2:15 p.m. New York City — Mike Gillerman is stuck at the Apple store.

Britton Saferx633 0

2:30 p.m. Queens, N.Y. — Britton Saffer takes his roommate's dog Billie to the new dog park in Long Island City. A roommate dog is the best: all the joy but not the responsibility.

Jerry Harveyx633 0

2:30 p.m. Chattanooga, Tenn. — Jerry Harvey is having a relaxing autumn Monday at a cabin in the woods.

Kristen Beckerx633 0

2:43 p.m. Somewhere in Massachusetts – “Taking selfies on the Turnpike. It’s not texting and driving is dangerous yes yes I am steering with my knees. I’m an outlaw.” — Kristen Becker

Sampsonx633 0

6 p.m. Chicago — “Eyes burning from waiting on a delayed flight all day, but I'd rather my eyes burn than my...” — Sampson McCormick

H. Alan Scotx633 0

7:44 p.m. Los Angeles, — “Movember, day 11. This shit is getting real, folks!” — H. Alan Scott

Cameron Espositox633 0

9:30 p.m. Los Angeles — “Recorded an episode of WhamBamPow, the action/scifi movie podcast I do with Rhea Butcher and Ricky Carmona. We reviewed Thor: The Dark World, which was no good. WhamBamPow, however, is always great. Here we are right after recording at MaxFunHQ.” — Cameron Esposito (pictured between Ricky and Rhea)

Brandy Rowellx633 0

9:47 p.m. New York City — “Giddy grrrls giggling alfresco on the roof of the Kimberly Hotel.” — Brandy Rowell

Emma Willmannx633 0

10 p.m. Boston — Emma Willmann is getting ready for dinner with a friend.

Justin Martindalex633 0

10:46 p.m. West Hollywood — Justin Martindale is listening to Sutton Foster and enjoying WeHo’s finest well wine.

Erin Foleyx633 0

11 p.m. Somewhere between California and Mexico — “This was taken last night after our shows with Atlantis Events on the Carnival Miracle. Erin Foley, Dixie Longate, and Poppy Champlin post show fun!!” — Erin Foley

Graham Nolanx633 0

11:08 p.m. New York City — Graham Nolan relaxes after a long day.

Frank Liottix633 0

11:59 p.m. New York City — Frank Liotti was performing at the Stand Comedy Club.

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