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11 Trump Accusers and Their Disturbing Stories (Updated)

9 trump accusers

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Former Apprentice Contestant Says She Was Assaulted in Hotel Room
A former contestant on The Apprentice, Summer Zervos,  said in a news conference broadcast on MSNBC that Donald Trump had dangled the prospect of a job with his organization, then sexually assaulted her. Trump first invited Zervos to meet in his office in New York, she said. “When I arrived, he kissed me on the lips,” she remembered, describing what several other women say they've experienced. Then Trump kissed her on the lips again when leaving, which prompted Zervos to call her family. They convinced themselves “this was undoubtedly some form of greeting and I should not take it as anything more than that.” Trump invited Zervos to dinner when visiting California, where she lived, but she found herself instead in a hotel room. She arrived and Trump’s clothes were on the bed. She imitated Trump calling playfully “Hellooo” from somewhere unseen. She waited in another room until Trump appeared, wearing the suit that had been on the bed. Trump asked her to sit next to him, she did, and he began kissing her and touching her breasts. She repeatedly told him not to, and he repeatedly tried, with Zervos even pushing against his chest, she told reporters. Throughout the ordeal, Zervos said she still thought she might get a job and that the advances had been “a test.”


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