The Military Human Rights Center for Korea is speaking out against an alleged crackdown of gay soldiers subject to mandatory service in the South Korean army, according to CNN.

May 01 2017 2:41 PM

But activists say all they've done to Mark Green is quote him.

April 25 2017 8:28 PM

Officials are accused of "hunting down" sexually active gay men in South Korea's military, which bans homosexual activity.

April 23 2017 3:12 PM

A military regulation went into effect this week that bans sharing of nude photos without consent. 

April 20 2017 6:20 PM

Trump's nominee for Army secretary — who will succeed Obama's out secretary, Eric Fanning — compared trans people to ISIS and has worked to dismantle LGBT rights as a Tennessee senator.

April 20 2017 3:20 PM

Last week, the U.S. Air Force Academy appointed Col. Kristin Goodwin to be the Commandant of Cadets and will be the first openly queer officer to uphold this position.  

April 05 2017 7:39 PM

State Sen. Mark Green is a sponsor of legislation that would sanction discrimination.

April 04 2017 10:06 PM