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New Zealand

News from within the borders of New Zealand and the fight for LGBT equality there. New Zealand legalized marriage equality in 2013. Learn more about past and present obstacles toward achieving equality in New Zealand including hate crimes law, transgender rights, adoption, and other rights denied to same-sex couples and LGBT people. Learn about individuals—activists, politicians, and allies—who have helped us make strides toward equality. We also cover the campaigns of groups opposed to marriage equality and explore how gay marriage is covered in mainstream media. We stay on top of developments so that you can stay informed about this issue.

After months of being rejected for asylum because she had not undergone any gender-confirming surgeries, trans refugee Eliana Rubashkyn says she can finally live as herself in New Zealand.

September 03 2014 3:06 PM

The passing of time and the weaving together of cultures struck a theme for this year's Pride parade.

February 25 2014 6:00 AM

Lynley Bendall and Ally Wanikau were among the first same-sex couples to marry in New Zealand on Monday, but they did so high above the Kiwi nation, with out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson on board.

August 22 2013 3:29 PM