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Los Beltrán canceled

Spanish-language channel Telemundo has shut down production on the U.S.-produced sitcom Los Beltrán, according to the Los Angeles Times. Los Beltrán, which was about a Cuban-American family, was unique in the realm of Spanish-language television in that it featured two openly gay male characters who were portrayed in a realistic fashion. The show received many awards from gay rights groups for the positive portrayal of a same-sex couple. Network spokesman Steven Chapman said, “For the amount of dollars they were spending for it, it wasn’t cost-effective. The ratings were pretty decent, but I don’t think they were as good as they had hoped. It got so much critical acclaim, which is why it’s such a shame.” Executive producer Carlos Bermudez elaborated, “To produce a show of that quality domestically, for our people that live here, is going to cost you. If you want to go to South America and Mexico for programming that has nothing to do with your life here, so be it.”


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