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Big Gay Following: Amy Adams

Big Gay Following: Amy Adams

You were also memorable as Debra Messing’s sister in The Wedding Date [2005]. Which qualities would you choose for your perfect male escort?
Ooh, handsome. I’m not vain, but if I’m choosing... And funny and charming. Money doesn’t impress me.

Well, aren’t you the one paying for an escort?
Exactly. But money never impresses me. I’m much more impressed with kindness. It sounds hokey, but it’s true. Like, if somebody’s rude to a waiter, I’m so uncomfortable that I don’t care how much money you have. There’s no recovering after inappropriate rudeness.

Do you think Ann-Margret ever saw your homage to her in 2000’s Psycho Beach Party?
One can dream. But she’d probably be like, “That girl’s doing a poor imitation!”

We all know what they say about blondes, but do redheads really have more fun?
I love being a redhead. It’s all about public perception. I have a really upbeat personality, and as a blonde, people are like, “Oh, there’s Amy, that dingy blonde.” But as a redhead, words like “dingy” get changed to “quirky,” and words like “hyper” become “spitfire.” The way people interpret me as a redhead is much truer to my personality than how I was interpreted as a blonde.

Who’s been your most distractingly handsome leading man?
That’s so unfair! Well, can I tell you what the best day was? In Enchanted, when I had to lie in repose on the chaise lounge, and Jimmy [Marsden] and then Patrick would try to revive me. And then Jimmy and then Patrick. And of course it was torturous, because I just had to lie there — I couldn’t respond. That was a nice day. So I’d have to say the combination of Jimmy and Patrick. Anyone would understand why I couldn’t choose.

Some may’ve guessed Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can [2002], but I thought you might throw me a curveball with Will Farrell in Talledega Nights [2006].
He’s actually a really good kisser.

Wow. Who knew?
Anyone who’s kissed him. Sasha Baron Cohen knows.

Aren’t you often mistaken for Cohen’s fiancé, Isla Fisher?
We joke about it, because we look at each other and go, “Well, we get it, but…” That’s the other thing with red hair: When you have red hair, you suddenly look like everyone with red hair.

That’s funny, because I’m always confusing you with Bernadette Peters.
[Laughs] I actually would love that! I would be so flattered. If only I had a mop of curly hair.

Are you annoyed by the fact that, thanks to imdb.com trivia, your brief stint as a Hooters waitress will follow you forever?
Somebody on the set of Drop Dead Gorgeous asked me, “What was your worst job ever?” Then that person told Conan O’Brien, and that’s how it was exposed. But you know what? If that’s the most dirt I have, I can live with it.

Did you at least get free wings?
Oh gosh, I was a wing fanatic! Sometimes I’m still like, “Let’s go to Hooters! I need my fix.”


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