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Bean-Viega Split
Accompanied by Tragedy

After 13 years,
out former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean and
his partner, Efrain Veiga, have ended their relationship,
according to The Miami Herald. The two have
been living separately, and the home they shared
is up for sale. They insist that the split, while
difficult, has been amicable. "Sometimes things don't
work out," Viega told the Herald. "There's still

Bean has moved on
from baseball to become a real estate agent, and Viega
is a well-known restaurateur. He also recently opened a
personal chef and hospitality training business.

Adding to the
tragedy of the situation, a man Viega invited to his
own place one evening in May was discovered dead the
next morning. Frederico Schostak, 26, went home
with Viega "for a sexual encounter," but the
next morning Viega was unable to wake him. The death
appears to have been caused by an overdose of GHB, an
illegal date-rape drug, which Schostak had claimed to
have in his bottle of Propel water the night before.
Police, called by Viega, found Schostak in the bedroom
"on the bed, completely undressed."

The death has not
yet been classified as the Miami-Dade medical
examiner's office is still working on the toxicology report.
(The Advocate)

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