Stars Attend Premiere

Stars Attend Premiere

Howl had its New York premiere last night at the IFC Center. The flm's stars James Franco, Aaron Tveit, and Jon Prescott, joined directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman for the event.

The film, which centers on the obscenity trial over Allen Ginsberg's epic, influential poem, will open in New York and San Francisco this Friday, September 24, and will expand nationwide in October.

HOWL JAMES FRANCO X390 (MARION CURTIS) | ADVOCATE.COMAaron Tveit portrays Ginsberg's lover Peter Orlovsky in Howl.

HOWL AARON TVEIT X390 (MARION CURTIS) | ADVOCATE.COMJon Prescott portrays Neal Cassady in Howl.

HOWL JON PRESCOTT X390 (MARION CURTIS) | ADVOCATE.COMFranco is flanked by Howl Jeffrey Friedman (left) and Rob Epstein.

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