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The Trans Special You Shouldn't Miss

The Trans Special You Shouldn't Miss

Nightline last night aired an extensive, five-part examination of the issues facing transgender people that shouldn't be missed.

Viewers meet Dyson, a boy who has worn dresses since age 2. They meet the most supportive parents any 10-year-old could ask for. And then there's Vanessa, who resorts to prostitution to pay for the expensive procedures needed to become more feminine. More controversial is Charles Kane, who made the uncommon decision to change gender twice.

In the final part, viewers meet a potential teen pop star with a big recording contract who is also transgender. At age 16, she is said to be the world's youngest person to transition.

The in-depth report is especially well timed given the attacks on Chaz Bono, a transgender man, who was named recently as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Bono's mother, Cher, has come to his defense with missives on Twitter. And the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has even called out Chelsea Handler's very gay-friendly show for devolving into inappropriate jokes. —Lucas Grindley


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