Holiday Guide: Neal's Wish List

Holiday Guide: Neal's Wish List

KCRW hoodie
In addition to broadcasting news from National Public Radio and airing shows about cooking, books, and politics, the Santa Monica, Calif.–based KCRW plays gorgeous cutting-edge music. KCRW spun Coldplay and Sia before mainstream radio did, and I remember hearing Adele’s “Someone Like You” over a year ago. Since KCRW is a public station, it needs contributions to stay alive — with a gift of $100 you get a Ron English–designed hoodie (membership to KCRW also gives you discounts at some of L.A.’s best restaurants and clubs). (

KCRW IWISH x390 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM Compartes Chocolatier
The treats of Jonathan Grahm — gay and 20-something — are delicious and creative. Grahm has truffle flavors like blackberry sage, Guinness beer, and pear and cardamom. My favorite product, just for sheer creativity, may be his chocolate-covered matzo. (

COMPARTES IWISH x560 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM Joseph Abboud Hudson jacket
Living in Los Angeles, I don’t often have reason to wear heavy jackets. But this wool piece, with cashmere knit collar, is cut so well, I’d wear it in a heat wave.

ABBOUD IWISH X390 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy
was the first cologne I bought, and I still snap it up when I can find
it. Though hard to find in stores, it’s available on the Internet and
worth the shipping time — it’s a heady mix of sandalwood, cedar, red
pepper, African geranium, kumquat, cactus flesh, and tarragon. That mix
is strong and sensual, so it’s great for a night out. (

usually advocate biking and public transportation, but I’m obsessed
with these little wonders, which are adorable and city-friendly. If you
drive, look at how much space you’re not using — ditch that SUV now and
get smart. (

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