PHOTOS: France's Government Worried By Violent Antigay Backlash

PHOTOS: France's Government Worried By Violent Antigay Backlash

With protests against marriage equality turning into outbreaks of violence, the French government is worried about a final vote scheduled for next week.

French President Francois Hollande said during a news conference that he "cannot accept" violence and "homophobic acts," according to Reuters. Hollande, a Socialist, campaigned on passage of marriage equality and allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. While he said "everyone must be heard" he also said "the law and parliament also need to be respected."

In recent days a Dutch man said he was walking arm-in-arm when he was brutally assaulted. Photos of his beaten face spread internationally via the Internet. Now politicians are receiving threatening letters, a gay bar was attacked and there are arrests at increasingly confrontational protests by opponents of same-sex marriage.

See photos of it all on the following pages.

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Four men burst into a gay bar on Wednesday in the city of Lille and began trashing it, injuring several employees. "They came to beat up gays - that's exactly how they phrased it," the proprietor of the bar told Reuters. The men were later detained by police.


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