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Diaper Bags for Gay Dads — and Maybe Lesbian Moms Too

Diaper Bags for Gay Dads — and Maybe Lesbian Moms Too

The entire market for baby-related products is skewed toward women. But there are some savvy marketers out there targeting dads looking for gear and accessories that set them apart from their female counterparts. It's likely, though, that they'll appeal to any nontraditional parent.

Let's take diaper bags. There seem to be two major players catering to dads: Dadgear and Diaper Dude. Both seem to have fairly good options and feature enough permutations of the diaper bag theme to satisfy most tastes.

Diaper Dude has some pretty clever designs. You can choose plain or camouflage diaper bags adorned with any number of symbols, including  dragons, koi, and peace signs,  or just go with the plain camo combined messenger bag-diaper bag.

Koi Bagx400


If diaper bags aren't your thing, then you should try out the Diaper Vest from DadGear. It retails for $79. I had never heard of this before or seen anyone wearing one, but it looks like a good option. I get tired of lugging around a bag on even short walks, so this would eliminate the need for that. That being said, the vest isn't the most stylish of options, and that pocket underneath your stroller is a good place to store even the ugliest of bags to keep your hands free on long walks. Still, take a look at the vest — it's a nifty invention:

Diaper Vestx400

If none of the above interest you at all, and you're a sports fan, you can have your favorite team's logo put on a diaper bag. Diaper Dude has its MLB Collection. I like sports but not enough to get a team emblem on my diaper bag. But for some, the bag below may be the winner:

Red Sox Diaperbagx400

Still, no one says you have to use a diaper bag. Plenty of people just use old travel bags or duffel bags — they get the job done and are likely just as durable as diaper bags. However, if you go that route, beware: You will miss out on a lot of the "perks" that come along with a bag designed specifically for babies. The main feature: insulated bottle coolers that keep formula viable for hours after being taken out from the fridge. These coolers are very handy when traveling or going for long outings.

If you know of other diaper bag options for dads, please let us know! I'd love to highlight all of what's out there for our growing ranks.

Contact reporter Alex Davidson on Twitter at Twitter.com/adwildcat.

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