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10 Reasons I Have Pride in Parenting

10 Reasons I Have Pride in Parenting

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2. My man bag is finally validated. Before having a kid, it seemed over-the-top to carry around a huge Prada tote. Now people see me pull out a first-aid kit at the playground and don’t even think twice.


3. Kids make the best accessories. Forget toy dogs; kids are the accessories de rigueur, especially if you are fortunate enough to end up with a cute one (like me).


4. Naps are amazing. My new favorite time of day is naptime. We can be completely wound up and doing lots of crazy activities, but when naptime hits, I shut that shit down.

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5. Holidays and birthdays are epic, grandiose events. As I’m writing this, it’s my son’s fifth birthday and I’ve already got the themes planned out until he’s 14.

6. Brainwashing is fun. No joke, my kid knows the words to every Miley, Beyoncé, Britney, Kesha, and Lady Gaga song that exists. And the dance moves to at least half of their videos.

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7. It pisses off the conservatives. What better way to give the middle finger to people who oppose this lifestyle than to have a real, functioning family that is no different than they are? (Except we’re not bigoted assholes.)


8. Hearing “Your kid is the best-dressed I’ve ever seen” never gets old. He’s my little fashion doll!

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9. Disney World trips several times a year. Before we looked like all the other weirdos who go there without kids. Now we have the kid and get a VIP tour guide so we can skip the lines and piss everybody off.


10. In all seriousness (for once — this is a rare moment), nothing is better than knowing we are forming an amazing person. He will grow up open-minded and accepting and with a much different worldview than his peers. He has a unique set of challenges that we, as his gay dads, will help him overcome. He is the future.

Take some time this month to reflect what you have pride in, whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek list like mine or a cathartic exercise you didn’t know you needed. We all have endured different kinds of hardships, and this is the month that we honor them and be thankful for the progress that is happening all around us.


FRANK LOWE is The Advocate’s parenting writer. Follow Frank on Twitter @GayAtHomeDad and on Instagram at gayathomedad.


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