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George Takei Offers Advice for Dealing With Trump Trauma

George Takei

George Takei has advice for dealing with "the unthinkable."

The gay Star Trek star took to Twitter at the end of Election Day. Takei, a survivor of a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II, offered guidance for those who were despairing at the prospect of Donald Trump as president.

Upending expectations, the Republican candidate bested Hillary Clinton Tuesday in the race for the nation's highest office. The news was met with anxiety by many members of vulnerable communities, such as LGBT people, people of color, and immigrants, who had been the target of Trump during the election season.

Rather than panic, Takei advised courage and hope to his social-media followers.

"In times like these we must reaffirm the values we cherish and have fought for: equality, justice, the care of our planet," Takei said, adding, "This country has seen wars and grave injustices, slavery and even civil war in its past. Yet we found our way through. We will now, too"

Read his words of wisdom below.




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