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The Warwick Rowers Photographer's Top 20 Favorites

Warwick Rowers

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My Favorite Warwick Rowers Images 
It’s very hard to come up with a definitive list of my all-time favorite images — after seven years, there are a lot of highlights and a lot of great memories! But here are 20 of the images that have meant the most to me over the years. — Angus Malcolm

The first Warwick Rowers calendar was launched in 2009. The calendar has since achieved global recognition as a fundraising initiative and a public awareness campaign, delivering products to around 80 countries every year and reaching more than 140 countries through its viral messaging. It has won a large number of awards for excellence, innovation, and social impact, including twice being voted the U.K. Charity Calendar of the Year. Read more about its charity support and the Sports Allies program here.

To order the 2017 calendar:
This year's hugely anticipated WR17 Freshers intake, with some new faces for you, and of course a few familiar ones. All set to make the 2017 season one to remember. 


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