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24 Trump-Fighting Charities That Need Your Dollars

07 Giving Tuesday

7. Council on American-Islamic Relations
Don’t let phobia win. While Trump seems ready to hold hostage the rights of all Muslim Americans, CAIR for decades has worked both to educate the public on mainstream Islamic faith and prevent Trump efforts like the creation of a national Muslim registry. Events like the attack on Pulse have sharpened tensions between LGBT people and Islam. But as mosques receive pro-Trump hate mail, it’s worth remembering that the common enemy remains an incoming administration willing to use civil rights as a political ploy. And there are progressive and LGBT-friendly Muslims too.

08 Giving Tuesday

8. Americans for Immigrant Justice
No nasty cause enjoyed greater resurgence in the Trump age than the bashing of immigrants. With an administration flirting with such notions as deportation forces, you can bet the legal warriors at AI Justice will have plenty of work today seeking legal asylum and leading clients into residency and citizenship programs.

09 Giving Tuesday

9. Sylvia Rivera Law Project
With trans rights under assault in states like North Carolina and a president that seems to withdraw every promising statement on the issue as quickly as the haters start blowing up his phone, efforts like the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, which seeks to guarantee people’s freedom to self-determine and express their gender identity, will be more important than ever. The project seeks both financial and legal empowerment for everybody across the spectrum of gender, and their opponents have become more emboldened than ever.


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