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24 Trump-Fighting Charities That Need Your Dollars

10 Giving Tuesday

10. Lambda Legal
Lambda Legal for 40 years has led the way in advocating for the legal rights of HIV-positive and LGBT individuals. CEO Rachel Tiven promises to fight on during the Trump administration and says support is more important than ever for youth who feel unsafe at school, workers who fear for their jobs if they get outed, and HIV-positive people who can get dropped by insurance companies at any moment. She also made particular note of “undocumented LGBT immigrants who came to America to escape oppression … and who face deportation back to intolerant homelands.”

11 Giving Tuesday

11. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Tomorrow always brings another election, and every seat in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs in 2018. With a polarizing Republican like Trump at the wheel, Democrats hope Americans will again thirst for change the next time they get to the ballot box, but only if the DCCC (that’s D-triple-C if you want to sound smart) has the resources to win the next go-round, especially considering the nasty gerrymandered maps on which the blue team has to play.

12 Giving Tuesday

12. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Oh, yeah, the Senate too. Despite a depressing outcome in the electoral college, that plurality of voters selecting Democrats did manage to give the party a net gain of two Senate seats this year, which means a little more headache for Trump and turtle sidekick Mitch McConnell. But that map looks rough for Democrats seeking Senate seats, with many a blue incumbent on defense. Then again, that’s how it looked in 2006 and Democrats took over the chamber that year. Maybe with the right resources, the same will happen again.


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