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The Advocate Picks Its Phobie of the Year: Pat McCrory

13 Sally Kern Phobie Treatement

Maybe this will be Sally Kern's last year on the annual list of Phobies. Thanks to term limits, this was her last year in the Oklahoma House of Representatives serving District 84. But Kern — whose most horrible moments we’ve tracked over the years — made sure to deliver on last dig at LGBT people with her farewell address. "Yes, in 2008 I did say that the homosexual agenda is worse than terrorism," she said, complaining that transgender people use the bathroom that matches their gender identity and that same-sex couples can not only get married but also get service at local wedding businesses. She added, "I didn’t apologize in 2008, and I don’t apologize today either because God’s word has not changed. Things are worse today than they were then, and I’m afraid they’re going to just get worse." 

Kern spent her last year helping push what was a record number of anti-LGBT bills in Oklahoma, with 27 proposals. All of the legislation was defeated


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