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Big Gay Following: Rosario Dawson

Big Gay Following: Rosario Dawson

I definitely needed a drink afterward.
Yeah, I’ve gotten a couple of calls from people who watched it and said, “I slept in the fetal position last night, you could’ve warned us!” It’s like Kids: It’s not for everyone, but I hope it reaches the people it’s supposed to.

Even before the rape, before she started making out with both sexes on dance floors, I got a bisexual vibe from Maya.
In that college environment, when it’s your first time away from home, a lot of women experiment. It’s fascinating to me, because women have a little more leeway to do that. There’s a looseness to a woman’s sexuality because she’s bringing something into herself, while guys push it outside of themselves.

Do women hit on you in real life?
Oh, yeah, and I find them to be a lot more aggressive sometimes. [Laughs] Because women get undressed in front of each other, we’re constantly checking each other out when we go out, so there’s a different type of comfort level there. Women have this assumption that it’s OK to just touch you. Guys will be touchy-feely as well, but they’re grabbier, they’ll try to dominate you. You can start dancing with a woman and it’s totally fine, but then it starts getting aggressive. It’s subtle and dominating in a different kind of way, which is kind of fascinating.

How do you react in those situations?
Well, it depends on how hot she is. [Laughs] I’m a really open person, so ultimately, I just respond to and respect people who respect my space. I’m turned off by someone who tries to consume it, man or woman. But I’m a flirtatious person as well, and I think that’s really healthy.

Do you have any girl-crushes?
Oh, Jesus. Hmm. They’re all sort of the same—you have your Angelina Jolies, Jessica Biels, Eva Mendezes. They’re all gorgeous, strong, and talented, and I think I’m just attracted to that in general.


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