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WATCH: 9 Strangest Rants From NOM's Failed March for Marriage

WATCH: 9 Strangest Rants From NOM's Failed March for Marriage

Rohrer X400 0
Rev. Sam Rohrer: Marriage equality is inviting God’s wrath.

“For any national leader to redefine the truth is to spurn [God’s] blessing and to invite God’s judgment,” said Rohrer, a former Pennsylvania state representative who is now president of the American Pastors Network. He added, “Laws that bless the murder of the unborn and now arrogance seeking to rewrite God’s eternal law on marriage and family are destroying the very fabric of our nation.”

Doug Mainwaring: I could benefit from marriage equality, but I don’t want it.

“I’m gay and I’m against same-sex marriage,” said Mainwaring, cofounder of National Capital Tea Party Patriots. He also urged his audience “not to give into the message of same-sex marriage as a human rights issue.”

Rick Santorum X400 0
Rick Santorum: Accidentally on our side?

“If marriage is simply a romantic relationship between two people, then anybody should be able to get married,” said the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and onetime presidential hopeful. He emphasized, though, that marriage is much more and needs to be strengthened for the good of men, women, and children — but he never explained how same-sex marriage is weakening the institution. He concluded, “This isn’t about hating anybody or anything. This is about love and truth and wanting what’s best for men, women, and children.” Yeah, right.


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