PHOTOS: Couple Who Were Engaged at White House Gets Married

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The couple in that viral video wedding proposal made at the White House in front of throngs of people attending the annual LGBT Pride Month celebration just as suddenly had their ceremony on Thursday. They eloped.

Liz Margolies legally married Scout, a transgender man who goes by one name, in New York at another symbolic location. They were married by a rabbi, according to the Huffington Post, at an old fur vault in Chelsea that is being converted to a sanctuary for a future LGBT congregation. Scout has shared that he attempted suicide while young and hopes the wedding inspires young people like him.

Their proposal has been viewed almost 75,000 times on YouTube and was a target for criticism by the right wing, with both Margolies and Scout writing op-eds on LGBT websites reacting to the attacks. Both are career activists. Scout is a PhD who is director of the Network for LGBT Health Equity at the Fenway Institute, and Margolies is the executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network.

Margolies told the Huffington Post some of their friends also reacted with disapproval, and so the couple eloped, inviting only three guests, including MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry who they met at the White House reception and who has hosted them on her TV show, and Tyler Clementi's gay older brother, James.

But luckily you can check out photos from the big moment on the following pages.


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