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Almost overshadowing the strong, double-digit victory by the New York tycoon and New Hampshire primary winner is the tight race for second-place.

February 20 2016 8:05 PM

The Associated Press called the race for the former secretary of state, who finished with a five-point lead over Bernie Sanders. 

February 20 2016 5:24 PM

Barely a day after the boxer and Filipino politician apologized for comparing gays and lesbians to animals and lost his endorsement deal, he's unleashed a new rant.

February 20 2016 8:20 AM

Activists want answers about why Facebook's global politics and government outreach director is speaking at an anti-LGBT gathering in Nashville. 

February 19 2016 7:24 PM

The Duck Dynasty star speaks with such "joy," admired Ted Cruz.

February 19 2016 6:19 PM

In a vote of 38-14, the Georgia Senate has approved the so-called Pastor Protection Act, which legally protects individuals and faith-based organizations that oppose marriage equality. 

February 19 2016 4:05 PM

State senators passed a bill Thursday that creates two marriage license applications — one for same-sex couples and another for straight couples.

February 19 2016 2:51 PM