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PHOTOS: Pride Around the World

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 Friends are feeling the love at the annual Pride parade in Rome, held Saturday.

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The confetti flies during a Pride parade in Rome.

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Roman Pride in the shadow of the Colosseum.

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Just another oiled-up angel at Pride in Rome.

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A man wearing a papal hat with the slogan "Love for All" in French takes part in the annual Pride parade in Rome.

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Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino (center) takes part in the annual parade.

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Spreading the love at Pride in Rome.

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Taking a gander at the amazing sights in Rome.

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 LGBT revelers get set for the Pride parade Saturday in Seoul.

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Antigay religious activists protest before Seoul's Pride parade. LGBT advocates marched in Seoul in defiance of a local government decision to cancel the parade; the city revoked an earlier permit for the Korea Queer Festival, saying the country remained in a state of mourning following the April ferry disaster. The cancellation came after conservative Christian churches lodged a protest with local administrators over the festival. A majority of South Koreans say homosexuality should not be accepted by society, according to a poll last year. But the level of awareness, especially among young people, has risen significantly in recent years, following public comings-out and mainstream media coverage.

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Pride in Seoul.

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An antigay activist is carried away by police after he tried to stop the parade in Seoul.

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People march during the Pride parade Saturday in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Cowboys take part in the parade in Guadalajara.

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A gay couple kisses during the Pride parade Saturday in the Croatian city of Split. Some 200 people walked without incident in the conservative town.

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Police officers escort Pride participants in Split, Croatia. A few hundred policemen fully equipped in antiriot gear surrounded the participants as they left a downtown park and walked to the famous promenade Splitska Riva and city center.

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Pride parade participants in Bucharest, Romania, hold hands while waving the rainbow flag Saturday.

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Members of the Romanian far-right organization Noua Dreapta (The New Right) protest against the Pride parade Saturday in Bucharest, Romania.
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