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Resident Evil Retribution 5x633

Girls on Top
Several new DVD sets offer girl power for 2013: Brave, an animated film about headstrong (is she a lesbian?) heroin Merida bucking tradition and learning the true meaning of bravery is out on a five-disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy, bonus material and never-before seen short). Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, and Betty White return in Hot in Cleveland: Season Three, a DVD set of the season in which two of the women marry each other, one becomes a lesbian icon, and the whole cast ends up on a gay cruise. Best of all: The ass kicking is back with Milla Jovovich (pictured above, with gun) in The Complete Series: Resident Evil 1-5 on Blu-ray and with UltraViolet. The most adrenaline-charged female franchise, Resident Evil followed Jovovich as Alice, earth’s last great hope. There are numerous featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, cast and director commentaries, and perfect fight scenes between Jovovich and another famous fighter, actress Michelle Garcia. Or you can just get Resident Evil: Retribution, the finale, which comes out December 21 as well. Brave: $27.99,; Cleveland: $29.98,; Resident Evil: $95.99,


Ellen’s Must-Sea Movie  
The Finding Nemo 3D 10th Anniversary Edition DVD offers four different ways to watch the Ellen DeGeneres classic in which a fish tries to find his lost son and his wacky lesbian friend named Dory goes on the journey with him. $33.86,

Dylan McDermottx633

A Different Kind of Family TV
Family Guy Volume 10 offers the kind of uncensored and never-before-seen extended episodes you’d expect from Seth MacFarlane, including the making of an epic octogenarian fight scene, an Adam West celebration, and more. Best reason to buy: the gay episode in which Ryan Reynolds tells Peter he’s not gay but wants to know Peter the way a man knows a woman. Mmm-hmm. In another, Peter moves out of this bed with Lois, so he and Quagmire spend night after night spooning. But not in a homosexual way. If the show makes you fall in love with creator Seth MacFarlane, check out his adult comedy Ted, a laugh riot on Blu-ray about a man, a teddy bear, and sexy Mila Kunis.

The family at the center of  American Horror Story: The Complete First Season include Dylan McDermott (pictured above, with baseball bat, and who, fortunately, showed all of his assets on-screen) and Nashville star Connie Britton, but it's  Jessica Lange's scenery-chewing brilliance, some lesbian shenanigans, and extras including The Murder House featurette that make the DVD a must-see set. And lastly, Modern Family: The Third Season — the show that gave the world its favorite gay dads, is always a great stocking stuffer. Family Guy: $23.99; American Horror: $29.96; Modern Family: $33.89; Ted: $34.98, for all.


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