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A Guide to What to Watch

In Movie Theaters Now:

The Most Funx633

Fun, With or Without Pants

Queer filmmaker Drew Denny’s debut feature, The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, is a deeply personal, strikingly beautiful film. The film’s main characters, best friends Andy and Liv, played by Denny and Sarah Hagan, travel the country to fulfill a father’s dying wish. Denny wrote and directed the film after she cared for her own father as he succumbed to cancer. Pants On sets Denny squarely in our sights as an auteur to watch.

Oz Zehavi And Ohad Knoller In YOSSIx633

Love on The Battlefield

Yossi picks up where the heart-wrenching saga of director Eytan Fox’s acclaimed 2002 drama Yossi and Jagger left off, exploring what comes next for the closeted gay Israeli Defense Forces soldier after the love of his life, Jagger, is killed in action. From Strand Releasing, the film opens January 25.


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