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Queerest Cities in America 2015

QCities TACOMA Museum Of GlassX633 0
8. Tacoma, Wash. Above: Museum of Glass
[ pop. 203,446 ]
Located between the gay heavyweights of Seattle and Portland, Tacoma ranks high again this year thanks to the statewide trans-inclusive nondiscrimination law and strong sense of LGBT community (including the Pink Pistols). Residents take advantage and appreciate the surrounding Pacific Northwest environment — last year the city held an Earth Gay event, and groups like OutVentures ( lead camping and hiking excursions throughout the year. At night, The Mix ( is the go-to neighborhood bar.

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QCities EROEX633 0
7. Erie, Pa. Above: Presque Isle lighthouse
[ pop. 100,671 ]
This old manufacturing city in northwestern Pennsylvania has an LGBT edge thanks to its trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance, LGBT-friendly restaurants and bars, and strong sense of acceptance. The community stays in-the-know with Erie Gay News (, where since 1992 residents and visitors have been able to find events throughout the month, such as the Lake Erie Gala sponsored by the Erie Sisters Transgender Support Group. During the day, locals explore the surrounding nature, and at night they can be found enjoying local establishments like Lone Shark Seafood ( or The Zone Dance Club (

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Correction: This entry previously described Erie as being in the northeastern Pennsylvania.


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