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This New York union is pushing for gender expression protections in newsrooms, so journalists better represent who they report on.

May 28 2018 9:18 AM

This queer woman of color isn’t letting an invisible disability slow her down, even on days it does.

May 28 2018 9:16 AM

Since I quit drinking, my life turned upright. But not for the reasons you think.

4:06 AM

The word has been used to bully gay black boys for decades.

May 24 2018 4:41 AM

An investigative look into why some queer men remain locked up even after serving their time.

May 23 2018 4:45 AM Updated

Activists and LGBT leaders in the American territories have to work even harder sometimes. Here are just a few leaders leading the good fight.

May 22 2018 4:20 PM