Sydney's Catholic Archbishop used the Latin term to lament marriage equality and right-to-die laws in his nation.

December 25 2017 11:51 AM

After pleading guilty to cyberstalking and hoax bomb threat charges, Juan Thompson was sentenced Wednesday.

December 21 2017 7:25 PM

Pope Francis will speak at Bernard Law's funeral, even though church documents showed Law had failed to remove pedophilic priests.

December 21 2017 1:17 PM

Brynn Tannehill "translated" a recent letter from Catholic bishops that declared transgender people are figments of everyone's imagination.

December 19 2017 2:27 PM

Rev. Gregory Greiten, who ministers in Milwaukee, was "weary" of hiding his gay identity.

December 19 2017 2:11 PM

Affirmation of transgender identity goes "against reason," say Catholic bishops and other conservative religious figures. Others beg to differ.

December 18 2017 2:47 PM

A version of the tax bill hurtling through Congress included an amendment that would have allowed churches to get even more political. Democrats helped kill it.

December 15 2017 5:21 PM