Robin Ruby

From Chapter 1

He takes the two flights up to his apartment quickly, past the first floor, where their landlord’s daughter is raising a bunch of kids, where the cry of an infant is almost a constant. The old wooden stairs creak beneath him, and as he gets closer to his third-floor flat, he realizes there’s music coming from behind the door.

He enters, and there’s George: naked and dancing.

Robin gets an eyeful of the muscular triangle of George’s back and the high, hard curve of his ass, shaking with the music. Prince’s seductive falsetto rings out over an amplified beat, I really get a dirty mind, while George shakes his index finger at some invisible lover, his masculine body softened by his sassy pose.

Robin feels the first smile of the day breaking across his face. “Is this a free show, or are you looking for tips?”


Police are searching for Michelle Vash Payne's boyfriend, who allegedly argued with her shortly before their bedroom caught fire.

Phily Senior 400

Philadelphia’s gayborhood is now home to one of only 3 housing developments in the country specifically for LGBT seniors.


In the Family Director Patrick Wang talks to us about rejection, marriage equality, and whether kids are in his future.


The project had been stalled for some time, but the grant promises to revive it.


In this third excerpt from Mark Segal's memoir, And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality, the activist talks about the long road to build LGBT senior housing in his beloved Philadelphia.


A fund-raising email sent by Rick Santorum in late July predicted that the Iowa Straw Poll would be "our first real test." And even though he finished fourth, does Santorum still believe he passed?

The former Pennsylvania senator might feel added pressure to explain staying in the race given that the third-place finisher, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, quit because of disappointing results. Pawlenty said he couldn't see a path toward winning the Republican nomination after Michele Bachmann seemed to harness the social conservative vote with her first-place finish.

Walsh Summersx400

Two award-winning authors of lesbian novels discuss the different inspirations and tribulations behind their writing.