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Stephen Colbert

"Like a lot of Americans, I’m under a lot of stress right now Dolly."

October 21 2020 12:30 PM

After the dismissal of CEO Les Moonves, a second CBS executive has been accused of homophobia and misogyny.

October 04 2018 2:21 PM

Actor Nik Dodani tackled coming out, cultural appropriation, and STI testing on the late-night show.

September 29 2018 1:09 PM

Foster played her iconic role opposite Stephen Colbert's scarily good Hannibal Lecter. And she elaborated on election night 2016's "screaming of the lambs" moment.

December 16 2017 5:38 PM

Using an elf-shaped cookie to stand in for Sessions, Colbert speculates hilariously on what the attorney general might have said.

July 15 2017 3:02 PM

Some are outraged the Federal Communications Commission is looking into the late-night host's "homophobic" joke. Others say the agency is just doing its job.

May 06 2017 2:25 PM

Addressing a controversy over his oral sex joke about Trump and Putin, Colbert said his words were "cruder" than needed.

May 04 2017 3:21 PM